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4 Unusual Camera Angles to Utilize for a More Interesting Commercial

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Shooting a commercial for your product or company requires you to tread a fine line between information and entertaining so that viewers both understand your message and stay to watch the entire clip. Tilting the camera or shooting from a new angle is one of the fastest ways to add interest and movement to a predictable video. Use these four ideas to spice up a commercial without distracting from the message or the product. Read More»

Create An Exciting Surf Video With Unique Camera Angles And A Good Story

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Surf cinematography is a unique artistic medium with unlimited potential. To shoot surf videos, you will need a high-definition video camera with interchangeable lenses, a water housing for your video camera, a lightweight tripod, and video editing software. Plan your shots ahead of time and storyboard your ideas as you work out your camera angles. Here are some things to consider when you plan and make a surf video:  Shoot On Land:  When shooting a surf video from the beach, a pier, or from a jetty, you will need a lightweight tripod to hold your video camera. Read More»